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Festival of Serbian Contemporary Documentary and Short Film -
Washington, D.C. 2009

Serbia and the World, the World and Serbia, Serbia in the World,
the World in the Serbia ... Documentary, short, experimental, animated, TV-documentary, Video-Art.
Witness the latest Serbian sensibilities and experiences of our times from the viewpoint of
Serbian and foreign authors.

Press Release


Sunday, May 31

The 21st Second - Zeljko Mirkovic, Optimistic Film, Nis
Tata Morgana - Sinisa Vidovic, Fora Film Production, Linc, Austria
Mirrors - Marko Radeta, Marko Radeta, Milano, Italy
In the Land of the Little Prince - Blagoje Lupa, AFC Stud Grad
Let There Be Light - Vladimir Perovic, RTV, Novi Sad

Wednesday, June 3

The Br(e)aking Point - Igor M. Toholj, MCF Megacom Film, Beograd
Helium - Giuseppe Schettino, Filmart, Pozega
Between Dream and Dream - Marija Stojnic, AU BK, Beograd
Fly - Dragan Misic, FDU, Beograd
Tenzin Vasiljevic - Olivera Milos Todorovic, ShockArt, Beograd
Wormwood Place - Svetlana Paroski, RTV Novi Sad


Screenings of the selected films will be shown starting at
6 PM on Sunday, May 31, and at 8 PM on Wednesday,
June 3, 2009 at The Avalon Theater,
5612 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Chevy Chase, Washington, DC.

Admission is free. Suggested donation is $10 for adults, $5 for students.
All donations are exempt from thefederal tax and support activities of the Orfelin Circle.
All movies are with subtitles.

Bring your friends and join us!


The Orfelin Circle, c/o Svetlana Doroslovacki, 2633 15th Street, #10, NW Washington D.C., 20009-4669