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In Search of a Method - Art Exhibition, December 2005, Milomir Jevtić, sculptor

Milomir Jevtić was born in Valjevo, Serbia in 1940. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1972 and earned a Masters Degree in sculpture from the same university in 1974.
His outdoor sculptures are permanently displayed in numerous places including Beograd, Valjevo, Milwaukee, Kensigton (Maryland), Bethesda (Maryland), and Woodley Gardens Park Rockville (Maryland) for which he received the 1990 Purchase Award.
M. Jevtić also developed innovative techniques for casting materials using flexible resilient mold, heating windows, shaping clay, photo printing on concrete, and teaching by blind drawing.
Mr. Jevtić on art: Today, art has become conservative. The devices used in the abstract and conceptual arts are nearly one hundred years old. The modern approach has turned mainly to the computer, video, and virtual three-dimensional effects. Lacking are the modern technologies that are less accessible to the artist: robotics, micro/nanotechnology, biotechnology... the ellipsis here is a symbol of their incomplete enumeration and an incomplete process.
All the techniques that I have used are developed along one single common thread; this thread is the energy that transforms shapes. Air changes the shape of rubber. Rubber changes the shape of concrete. That which was mobile becomes static, and the opposite: that which was motionless now moves.

He lives and works in the Washington D.C. area, is married, and has two sons.
Mr. Jevtić's' works are listed in the Art Inventories Catalog of Smithsonian American Art Museum.
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