"The Undelivered Letters", April 15, 2018

Compiled from a variety of works by Isidora Sekulić and Albert Camus, this play was designed as a form of exchange between these two authors while exposing the subjects these two artistic luminaries were preoccupied with for years: what is love, why is history important, what is loneliness and narrowness, what is the beauty of loneliness, what can be an artist's position in the whirlpool of historic and political events, etc.
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Homebody/Kabul , November 10, 2012

Performance by Dušanka Stojanović Glid, National Theatre, Belgrade.
The play ‘Homebody/ Kabul’ consists of two parts. The first part is a monologue (performed by Dušanka Stojanović) and the second part is what Željko Đukić called a type of choir. ‘We have forgotten about the choir which used to be an essential part of theatrical performance. With this play Kushner brings us back to that period and in a contradictory and paradoxical way indicates that a monologue isn’t really a monologue but a polyphony. He reminds us that there is something monolithic in a choir that we have lost and forgotten. The way in which Kushner achieves the feel of a choir is by mixing different languages without translating them. French, English, German and Russian are all spoken and mixed together. It gives the impression that everyone is talking at the same time and that nobody really understands anybody which in effect transfers that familiar emotion to us.‘
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The Zvezdara Theater, Belgrade in collaboration with
The National Theater of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka,
September 15, 2006

Three renowned theater plays will be performed during this spectacular night: "A Life Story of Tola Manojlovic" played by Petar Kralj, "Bridges" played by Tihomir Stanić and "Badger on Tribunal", played by Petar Kralj, Tihomir Stanić, Aleksandar Stojković and Djordje Marković.
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A Tesla Evening at Goethe-Institut, May 14, 2005

As part of the Tesla Evening the dance film "Tesla and Katharine" was shown, starring Konstantin Kostyukov, famous ballet dancer, with the International Ballet Company Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia. Director and producer of this beautiful piece of art is Ljiljana Kojic-Bogdanovich. Choreographer Krunoslav Simic and Music by Piotr Tchaikovsky.
This is a ballet story about the private life of Nikola Tesla, one of the most significant scientists and inventors at the turn of the 19th century. The story is based on Tesla's correspondence with Katharine Johnson, the wife of Tesla's friend, Robert Underwood Johnson, an American poet, writer and editor of Century Magazine, a prestigious publication at that time.
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