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Драги пријатељи,

Радује нас да можемо да вас обавестимо о јединственом концерту, управо овде у Вашингтону, легендарног интерпретатора ромске музике, Краља Рома, Шабана Бајрамовића. Молимо погледајте Press Release

Време и датум: 8:30 увече, петак, 25. јуни 2004. године.
Место : Woman's Chevy Chase Club, 7931 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase, MD.
Карте: $30 унапред и $35 на улазу.

Карте за овај догађај можете да набавите слањем чека на одговарајућу суму, заједно са адресираном ковертом са плаћеном поштарином на следећу адресу:

The Orfelin Circle
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Искрено верујемо да ће ово да буде незабораван догађај и надамо се да ћемо се видети на концерту!



Immediate Release

June 15, 2004
Contact: Nenad Ivezic or Jadranka Stojcic T – 240.388.0791
F - 301.816.0613 e-mail:

Saban Bajramovic, famed Romany Music performer and composer, makes his
first US concert visit

Legendary Gypsy singer will appear locally
Friday, June 25, 8:30 pm, at The Woman's Club of Chevy Chase

Bethesda, Maryland ...

Saban Bajramovic -- the King of Romany Pop Music and a Gypsy legend --
will appear locally, with a five piece band, in an exciting
concert presentation, Friday, June 25 at The Woman's Club of Chevy
Chase, 7931 Connecticut Avenue, 8:30 pm.

Over the last 40 years, Saban penned over 650 songs bridging all genres
from folk, jazz, pop, and even incorporating Latin
influences. He has recorded over 20 albums. His songs about love,
passion, restless wandering and gambling, served as the blueprint
for Goran Bregovic's award winning scores for Emir Kusturica's movies
"Time of the Gypsies" and "Underground". Year after year, new
generations of music lovers discover this rare artist. Musicians mine
his music treasure trove for inspiration.

Saban started his epic career in Yugoslavia, and quickly established
himself as a master songwriter, singer and bandleader with an
incomparable soulful voice. His penchant to vanish for long stretches
of time, only to reappear with all his singing powers intact,
added to his mystique. Saban's singing legend embodies the freewheeling
yet melancholy outcast spirit of the Gipsy people. His
compositions have turned into folk standards that transcend authorship.
In true Gipsy fashion, the King has headlined huge East
European folk festivals, as well as entertaining village weddings all
over the Gipsy Diaspora. In the 1970's Indira Ghandi
"crowned" him 'King' of the Gypsies, and the title stuck.

Tickets: $30 in advance / $35 at the door Call: 240.388.0791. Free
parking available.

Directions: The Woman's Club of Chevy Chase, 7931 Connecticut Avenue,
Chevy Chase, MD. Located at Dunlop Street, one light North of
East-West Highway (#410).

The Orfelin Circle, c/o Svetlana Doroslovacki, 2633 15th Street, #10, NW Washington D.C., 20009-4669