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Zoran Starcevic - guitar, composer, producer
Nikola Starcevic - guitar, classical guitar professor, composer
Zeljko Starcevic - guitar, classical guitar student


Trio Balkan Strings, Zoran Starcevic and his two sons, Nikola and Zeljko, performs original instrumental music, a fusion of Balkan elements - Serbian, Gypsy, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Oriental, including some Jazz improvisations and classical elements. The result, combining many cultures, is rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. Their music is like a handmade rug, colorful and full of beautiful ornaments.


Some of the accomplishments of the Trio Balkan Strings:

  • First Prize and the Dolphin statue for being the best instrumental ensemble on the Music World Festival - 2004 Internacionale Fivizzano in Italy.
  • The composition Water-mill, written by Nikola Starcevic and performed by Balkan Strings Trio, was the First Prize winner in the World category of the USA Songwriting Competition of 2005.
  • Concert and Workshop, July 2006 - New York University - Special guest, Brad Shepik, guitarist/composer
  • The Trio has performed in many festivals and concerts in USA, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Serbia and Bosnia.
  • The Trio has signed a contract for CD Balkan Guitars-Guitares Des Balkans with Sunset-France-PlayaSound, a French music world records company specialized in World music for thirty years.


"Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring. The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful. Really good!" John McLaughlin.


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